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15th of November was a noteworthy date for HYDRO_BOT and Osmotex; the ‘Kjus 7SPHERE HYDRO_BOT’ jacket was officially launched! In Kjus’ headquarters in Hünenberg, Switzerland, the event unfolded around a virtual press conference. The discussion between Kenneth Kurzweg, Head of Innovation (Kjus), and Joacim Holter, Managing Director and Chairman (Osmotex), was led by an excited Tom Ollerton, CEO and founder (Automoted Creative).

“We are launching the 7SPHERE HYDRO_BOT ski jacket: a jacket that will change waterproof breathable industry in the future”, says Kurtzweg.

“The problem that it attacks is a huge industry problem called breathability. We call them waterproof, breathable jackets: waterproof comes first, and breathability is pretty far down the line”, Kurtzweg explains and underlines the importance of breathability in skiwear where instead of water or rain, there is frozen water.

“We take a special textile membrane, charge it with a small electrical pulse, so we transfer the membrane itself into a set of micropumps. With these micropumps we are able to transport a huge amount of moisture and when we put these textiles into a ski jacket we are able to remove the excess moisture from the inside of the jacket – keeping the skier dry and comfortable”, continues Holter.

The press release further describes how the HYDRO_BOT technology actively pulls sweat away from the inner garments and out of the jacket. The jackets can be pre-ordered here, and will be released for sale on December 10th.