Podcast about HYDRO_BOT (in Norwegian only)

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Trond Heldal is behind what could be the next generation of smart clothes, says the leading weekly technical magazine, Teknisk Ukeblad, in a lead up to a long Podacast with Trond Heldal.  If you understand Norwegian, you will enjoy listening to the full podcast here.

The podcasts explaines how Osmotex uses electricity and osmosis to move moisture from inside the outerwear and into the air.

“That’s what the so-called membrane chains promised when they came in the 70’s, as we all know, the advertising is better than the impact,” the journalist writes.

“This fall comes the first jacket on the market under the brand Kjus. First to the alpine market, but cross country people need hardly wait a long time, says the article and it goes on:

“It’s just a beginning. Such clothes are needed in many contexts. Not least in firefighters, the police and the military who must wear heavy clothing and protection even if it is smell-warmed. Dehumidification can be worth gold.”