Schoeller – production partner

Imagine textiles that are durable, washable, electronically controlled and enable you to individually manage moisture adapted to different climate conditions. This will soon be possible thanks to our collaboration with Schoeller.

Textiles and technologies from Schoeller Textil AG enhance quality of life. They protect workers, support athletes, help with the nursing and care of patients and give fashions their unmistakeable appeal. They stand for high quality and innovative spirit. Schoeller consistently orients itself toward nature as a role model and place sustainability at the forefront of their endeavors. By the way Schoeller was the first company to produce in accordance with the criteria of the bluesign® system.

Siegfried Winkelbeiner, CEO of Schoeller:

“The consumer is the central focus of our developments. We want to support people in their work, leisure and sporting activities with intelligent textile products. For this reason, we develop and produce highly-functional fabrics and innovative textile technologies for sport, work, lifestyle, fashion and smart textile applications. And pay close attention to ecological safety and good design.”