Belginova – technology partner

Imagine adjusting your moisture management inside your clothing from your watch. This will soon be possible thanks to our collaboration with Belginova.

Belginova is developing, producing and selling electric heated clothing powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. These products are sold under the brand name 30seven to sportshops, retail and industry.

30seven® is the global expert in heated clothing for outdoor and professional use. Formed in 2006, they have their head office in Belgium. More than a thousand dealers in more than 13 European countries sell 30seven® electrically heated clothing. And there’s so much more to 30seven® than cycle wear.

Heated clothing is attractive whether you’re walking, skiing, motorcycling, hunting, fishing or doing any other outdoor activity. 30seven® electrically heated clothing has been tested by professional cyclists, who experienced the benefits of cycling without cold hands or feet.

Pol Speleers, cofounder of 30seven®:

“Cycling is one of my favourite sports in summer and in winter. But I always had freezing-cold hands and feet on long winter treks through Flanders. I had the idea of making my own heated gloves and insoles, powered by a small, light battery. Based on many years’ experience developing car seat heating, I designed the world’s first safe, durable, washable heating system: Novaheat®. Now we are very happy to innovate wearable clothing again using HYDRO_BOT as the engine for moisture management.”