See the HYDRO_BOT demo

Published by Rolf Olsen

This visit to the Osmotex lab and the demo with Osmotex CTO Trond Heldal shows how HYDRO_BOT works.  Take a minute to see the video.

Video shows active electroosmotic pumping of water from top of membrane to other side, then reversed pumping (by reversing voltage) to re-wet the surface, and finally pumping in the original direction again. Using small contact and low voltage / low power, the membrane can be used to remove humidity from textile layers and other surfaces.

While the passive membranes used in textiles and clothing is typically capable of transporting max 0.1 to 0.5 litre per square meter and hour, Osmotex’ active membranes can transport more than 200 litres. This far exceeds the capability of any standard textile material. They are also not dependent on ventilation or humidity gradients, and both magnitude and direction of flow can be controlled electronically.

As human perspiration rates can easily reach 1-2 litres per hour during sports or hard work, and in extreme cases as high as 7 litres per hour, there is a undisputed need for better solutions in sports, work and protective clothing. The material is also being tested in applications such as seat comfort, wound care, air conditioning and buildings, storage and electronics protection.