Active membrane that transport moisture effectively

HYDRO_BOT is going through extensive testing, using different designs and garments (picture). The final designs from clothing manufacturers may include variations in where HYDRO_BOT is placed depending on both appearance, usage and where moisture issues are most prevalent.

Some of the world’s leading sports- and outerwear manufacturers are testing HYDRO_BOT for including it in their high-end series for the 2018/2019 season.

Working with the entire value chain, including core partners such as Belginova for technology and Schoeller for garments, HYDRO_BOT will offer a number of unique advantages:

  • HYDRO_BOT does not allow the micro climate in a clothing system to be soaked with sweat, thus keeping the system working at near optimal capacity, even during very high levels of activity.
  • HYDRO_BOT gives on-demand moisture control (electronically – can hence also be programmed and take inputs from sensors).
  • HYDRO_BOT works independently of external factors including ventilation, liquid saturation and outside conditions.
  • HYDRO_BOT  has extreme transport capacity (more than 200 L/m2h possible, can be real-time adjusted to every practical situation in clothing).
  • HYDRO_BOT brings new possibilities in textile engineering, for example limited areas could handle the required moisture removal, making it possible to replace the most weather exposed areas with a non-breathable layer with extreme water proof capabilities.

The outdoor garments available on the market do not differ significantly in performance as they all use the same available technology. Brands are left to compete in terms of design, fit and other features. So, the new garments with HYDRO_BOT will stand out in terms of engineering design, technology and unique breathability.