HYDRO_BOT on the cliffside

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Hatex wants to use the HYDRO_BOT technology for workwear. A prototype was made for testing and verifying of the technology. To prove that HYDRO_BOT really works, Hatex picked a very special spot in the Swiss Alps.

Work in rock constructing is exhausting and challenging. The field is often located inside of a bay where there is little to no wind and depending on the sunlight, it gets very warm and the workers are exposed to extreme temperature variations. When they are wet from sweat and take a break, the risk of getting sick raises. The quicker the sweat gets transported away, the lower the risk of getting a cold. The goal of the new generation workwear jacket from Hatex with HYDRO_BOT is to keep the workers as dry as possible. Claudio Neuhäßler from Gasser Felstechnik tested the jacket with Servus TV and their show “P.M. Wissen”:

 Sehr positiv überrascht”, or in English, “very positively surprised”, says the Mr. Neuhäßler who tested the jacket for two hours. When his old jacket would be completely wet and heavy, he could report that the HYDRO_BOT jacket felt really good and his t-shirt was still dry!