Era of bots is here

Published by Rolf Olsen

In an article about how we will see new services evolve on the Internet,  Amir Shevat writes that we live in the era of bots . He draws up five scenarios of how bots will begin to change your life operating as service agents available through the internet. But expect bots to come in and change your life everywhere.

HYDRO_BOT will blaze new trails within wearables, helping users to perform better and operate more comfortably under extreme conditions. Based on Electro Osmosis principles, HYDRO_BOT enable users to regulate moisture transport and ensure intelligent climate management.

The combination of hydro (from Greek / Hudor=water) and bot explains the function of HYDRO_BOT, it is an intelligent agent that helps manage humidity. This is why we refer to HYDRO_BOT as “smart moisture management”. So with HYDRO_BOT the era of bots is extented to the world of outdoors, sports and hard work.

Thanks to HYDRO_BOT it will become just a bit more pleasant and easy to push the performance boundaries.

HYDRO_BOT is a bot to eliminate the undesired effects of existing commercial membrane technology, whether it is a question of “post exercise chill” or hyperthermia.

With HYDRO-BOT discomfort could soon become a distant memory.