Advanced research to explore options with electroosmotic pumping

Published by Rolf Olsen

Electro-osmotic pumps are useful because they have no moving parts and can be easily miniaturized for applications. The use and possibilities are huge – and we only now begin to imagine the different application area.  It will be critical to understand various design options and the efficacy of different membrane designs.

Osmotex’ R&D staff engage deeply with academia and research institutions to full understand and test the possible applications of Electro Osmosis (EO). These exchanges are incredibly important to solve the technological challenges.

In this article in the renowned Faraday Discussions Trond Heldal, Osmotex R&D and Operations Director discusses EO electric signal and control system together with research colleagues.

The article provides initial guidance for the design of high-productivity and inexpensive AC electroosmotic pumps. The analysis reveals that even quite scarce perforations of micron-scale diameters are sufficient to observe practically-interesting EO flows in the system.