Unlike traditional passive textiles and membranes, the technology provides active electronically driven moisture transport – working regardless of climatic conditions, and offering practically unlimited transport (over 100 liter/m2h possible), at a fraction of the energy needed for evaporation (1-10 Wh/liter compared to ca 670 Wh/liter for evaporation).


Together with Osmotex Steriliser® and several additional textile actuators as well as sensors, the technologies will have an impact on responsive textiles for anticipatory healthcare, for protective, work and sports clothing, as well as for automotive, aerospace and industrial applications.


Textiles are present in all human environments, but is lagging behind other industries in becoming part of a digital world connected through the internet of things. This is despite textiles forming the pre-eminent surface for beneficial interaction with humans: large area and near constant coverage means textiles are superiorly positions for both sensing (heart, temperature, pH, oxygen saturation, movement, biochemistry etc) and reacting (heating, cooling, moisture control, medication, electrostimulation, compression, disinfection/sterilization, lighting etc). HYDRO_BOT® addresses one of the fundamental functions and restrictions of textiles, namely its interference with the ability for the human skin to regulate temperature and moisture. Its sister technology Osmotex Steriliser® provides fast removal of virus and microorganisms, keeping wounds and medical textiles clean and odorless.


Apart from medical textiles and garments, applications to automotive interiors and aircon, to textiles in public transport and other human environments are areas of priority and industry interest.


Osmotex’ technologies were developed by some of the best brains and research centers in several disciplines over the past two decades. First products have reached the market within sports garments, with an enthusiastic customer base of early adopters. As a technology company, Osmotex is constantly doing research on next improvements.


Together with the company Myant, Osmotex is in the forefront of the current disruption and transformation of the textile industry, in a process of convergence with electronics and “ionotronics” related to Osmotex’ inventions and biosensors.


The electronic moisture transporting textiles and electronic and passive version of Steriliser textile were invented, developed and patented by Osmotex.