HYDRO_BOT has the potential to solve one of the biggest challenges in sports, work and protective clothing: to obtain a moisture transport that actually matches human sweat rates at various climatic conditions and activity levels.

HYDRO_BOT is a result of dilligent research and development efforts orchestrated from Switzerland, where the traditions of Swiss precision and quality have been guiding the work.  The team of investors and professionals have also been inspired by Norwegian heritage in outdoor lifestyle and high performance winter sports and sailing. The Swiss-Norwegian roots have been defining for HYDRO_BOT solution.

Sports, work and protective clothing represent Osmotex’ strategic market. Companies within the textile and clothing industries are highly interested in new game-changing solutions. Meanwhile, the market for wearable technology has finally entered a phase of fast growth, boosted by the first market successes for electronic heated clothing and serious efforts by major clothing and textile companies.

The technology can be applied in other areas such as MedTech, automotive, aerospace, fine mechanics and filtration.