A great step forward

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We are going global! Together with our recently established production partner, Taiwanese WidePlus, we will bring enormous advantages to the textile industry. The innovative and development driven textile manufacturer is a central piece in HYDRO_BOT’s journey to revolutionize cooling and moisture management in textile, and we are very proud to announce this cooperation.

WidePlus focuses on performance fabric. The company slogan is Create Lasting Value, whereas its intention is to focus on functional fabrics for sportswear, outdoor wear, and workwear. “One of the biggest challenges in active clothing is the moisture transport”, says Ivan Lu, General Manager at WidePlus. Mr. Lu continues, “for decades, not one passive membrane technology was able to resolve this problem in a satisfying way”. “The HYDRO_BOT active membrane technologies, with its new possibilities in various sectors of the textile market, gives for the first time the possibility to significantly strengthen the sweat management and achieve a comfortable climate for the user”, explains Mr. Lu.

“WidePlus is a modern, fast growing and ambitious textile company. As a highly competent manufacturing partner, this partnership is important for Osmotex’ next growth phase to bring the HYDRO_BOT technology to an industrial level”, says Joacim Holter, CEO and Chairman of Osmotex. Trond Heldal, Director of R&D, adds “with WidePlus’ worldwide team and more than 35 years of experience in the field, as well as 500 weaving machines, together with HYDRO_BOT’s world class expertise within electro osmosis in moisture management, this cooperation will bring sweat management to new heights”.